When Art Meets Local

When Art Meets Local

Creativity, art, and everything in between shines bright in our city. El Paso’s very own art scene has expanded not only through city government sustained galleries, but also with a plethora of independently owned ones. To kick off this rendesvouz of visual delicacies, we’ll introduce our city’s eldest art venue showcasing our community’s seasoned local artists; The El Paso Art Association.

EPAA’s is in full swing with several artists creating beautiful pieces of what this season offers us. With 35 art studios filled with distinct local artists ranging from multidimensional artistry, impressionistic painters, realism, and many other art forms, you can expect to be moved and transported to each of these artists' worlds. Art workshops and live drawing sessions are open to the public. For more information about their exhibition dates and class schedules, visit [https://elpasoartassociation.com/.]

Next up we have Amano Creative. Founded in June 2021, Amano has become a young artists’ favorite spot to display their talents. You can find artists ranging from bands, poets, painters, writers, and a plethora more adding their collections to this creative space. Did we mention they are SUPER pet-friendly?! Amano will be inaugurating an extension of their original platform as Amano Collective on May 13th giving you an opportunity to meet Amano’s current art residents, their studios, and most importantly their mission. Mark your calendars and get Google Maps to reserve a route to 210 Poplar St. in Central El Paso.

Our last contender, with over 60 years of hosting remarkable artists and hosting exquisite collections, we have The El Paso Museum of Art. EPMA is no stranger when it comes to housing local talent and providing art lessons for the public. As spring allows us to blossom and set solid ground for the next season, spring is a local’s favorite art scene for EPMA. Whether you are being called to take a stroll inside or around this establishment, you will find that there is art all around this organization. Looking to bond more with your elders? EPMA offers art workshops for all ages that include painting classes & currently ceramics class. As summer approaches The Sun City, EPMA will be releasing their art summer camps schedule to the public. For more information, please visit [https://epma.art/.]

“Art is what you can get away with” – Andy Warhol

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