Summer Skies

Summer Skies

As we officially welcome Summer into our atmosphere (we know, it’s been summer for about a month now!) the cool indoor places are what makes a convincing point when planning an activity. In this week’s feature, we would like to invite you to “The Gene Roddenberry Planetarium.”

After years of being called just “The Planetarium” a group of individuals petitioned the city to change this establishment’s name to its current one. With an indistinguishable television career as a movie writer and better known for creating “The Star Trek” universe, Gene Roddenberry graced El Paso with his birth in August 1921. After much debate, it became clear as a community, we needed to honor the stars that were once the fruit of this land. In 2001, our city officials approved the change for what we now know as “The Gene Roddenberry Planetarium.”

Equipped with the state of the art DigiStar projector system, the Roddenberry gives way to a 360-degree experience for its visitors to submerge in. This center is primarily used for educational purposes within our EPISD district and beyond, it offers public shows to our community on Tuesday’s & Wednesday with two showtimes available for these days. “Tonight’s Sky” and “From Earth to the Universe” shows are included in your visit and not to mention the cool conditioned entertainment show area.

To purchase your tickets, head over to and on the search feature, type in “The Roddenberry Planetarium.”

And remember, this beautiful experience is supported by our community and its operation by the City Of El Paso. So make sure you complete the survey when you purchase your tickets, supporting this wonderful entertainment venue.

See you in the stars!

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