Spring Blooms at the Market

Spring Blooms at the Market

Did you know that having plants inside your home has health benefits? According to Dr. Karen Reed, Certified Nutritionist, Doctor and Author at Positive Health Wellness, having plants at home has 7 science-based health benefits.

  1. They help to improve mental health.
  2. Your immune system gets a boost.
  3. Your productivity is improved.
  4. Your relationships are improved.
  5. They improve your learning abilities.
  6. They improve your air quality.
  7. They add more humidity to the home.

You can select beautiful plants from our following vendors:

Bloom Plant Shop

The owners of Bloom Plant Shop started collecting plants themselves. They thought about the benefits of gifting plants rather than flowers, which have a shorter lifespan, so they decided to sell household plants. They also offer charming cacti and succulents. At times, they have some rare plants available. Plants vary in sizes.

The Cactus Lady

Estela Flores, creator of The Cactus Lady, used to own a small nursery in Tucson, Arizona. She currently grows all her cacti and succulents in her home. Estela has two large greenhouses. Her favorite plant is the columnar cacti. She also likes weird and quirky cacti that are harder to find.

The Plant Place

The Plant Place offers a variety of houseplants, succulents, and cacti. Their most popular one is the monstera deliciosa cuttings. They also have ravishing rubber trees, snake plants, peperomias, heart leaf philodendrons, hoya sweethearts, baby fiddle leaf fig trees, palms, pothos, monstera adansonii, ZZ plants, and air plants of all sizes. A really cool feature that they have are terrarium kits and pre-made terrariums. A big surprise they have in store is a new plant that will be ready by June. It is the giant elephant ear and a regular elephant ear.

Cover photo courtesy of @bloomeptx

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