Pride In The Sun

Pride In The Sun

Recognized as the region’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organization, El Paso Sun City Pride welcomes Pride Month to its fullest. EPSC invites you to their annual Pride Month celebration happening in the nooks and crannies of this city. This year’s theme is a highlight of an era where pop & funk music made way for legendary artists such as Donna Summer, ABBA, Earth, Wind & Fire, among others. Get Ready for our city’s Annual Summer of Pride: Disco Edition. With Southwest University Park acting as one of their major event venues, this organization strives to provide support, love, & compassion to individuals in need. For over a decade The El Paso Sun City Pride Festival has taken place throughout the historic downtown area where music, entertainment, and family fun take center stage.

As one of the Southwest’s most diverse communities, our Sun City makes way for a plethora of events to celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Aside from the annual Pride Fest and downtown parade, we have a few more sites we’d like to let you in on!

We kickstarted EPSC’s event calendar with a night of fun at Southwest University Park with our very own Locomotives USCL team. June 18th marks the biggest day of celebration in our city with Pride fest taking place at 301 S. Ochoa street. June 25th is a day filled colorful outfits, feathers, glitter, and great vibes as the city’s Pride Parade takes place beginning in the morning. Wrapping up Pride month, we hope to find you at Southwest University celebrating with our community alongside our very own city baseball team, The Chihuahuas on June 30th. As a final goodbye to the annual Pride festivities, EPSC will be having its classic Wet N’ Wild Splash Party on July 3rd.

Get your disco shoes on and join us for a month full of support and festivities!

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