Paw-some Friends at the Market

Paw-some Friends at the Market

Did you know that your dog is welcome at the market? At Upper Valley Artists and Farmers Market, you will find treats, sweets, and fashionable pieces for your fur buddy. If you do bring your dog to the market during the summer, please protect his or her paws with booties.

Diggin’ the Dog Fashion

Pawpy Love 

Pawpy Love has the cutest dog fashion in town! They have bandanas, bow ties, collars, dresses, and shirts. So visit the market and update your dog’s summer wardrobe with a Hawaiian shirt for his or her vacation trip or a trendy print bow tie to attend a wedding. Pawpy Love currently has some Texas inspired bow ties featured on the cover photo.

Treat Your Fur Buddy

Elegant Poodle Barkery

Elegant Poodle Barkery has the best taste testers (Chloe, Levi, and Lexi) to insure your dog’s treat satisfaction. They craft homemade organic dog treats such as chicken jerky, beef jerky, YAMmy chips, WOOFles, doMUTTs, cinnamon rolls, paw balms, and carob twists.

Paw Bakery

Paw Bakery uses all natural vegan ingredients to make homemade treats. They make chicken, bacon, peanut butter, apple cinnamon, and chamomile treats. Paw Bakery also accepts custom orders for cakes and writes your dog’s name on it at no additional cost. 


Bo the Mastiff: Mascot of Upper Valley Artist & Farmers Market

Bo is currently 8 months weighing close to 100 lbs. He is a Neapolitan Mastiff born in Houston, TX. Bo’s favorite treats are dog bones. He loves to take strolls and loves the attention he gets from market-goers wanting to pet him and take photos. Bo will be back at the market in the fall when the weather is cooler.


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