Ghosts of Summer

Ghosts of Summer

Any plans for the upcoming summer weekends?

El Paso’s first official name was founded as “El Paso del Norte” by Spanish Franciscan friars at one of the many important mountain passes our city is surrounded by. Known for its participation in many revolutions, El Paso hosted famous names such as Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata, former outlaw John Selman, & notorious killer John Wesley Hardin. With wars waging in old El Paso, we are safe to assume the variety of hospitals, mental institutions, and let’s not forget saloons were a safe haven for the spooky to cohabitate with us. El Paso is fortunate enough to host some of these spirits who wander around the crowds of pedestrians throughout the city, especially in downtown.

As we make our way into the still breezy nights, we book a tour at Concordia Cemetery through The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society. The haunted sites in this cemetery include the infamous Lady In White, children’s laughter, and soldiers on their horses making their nightly walkthrough. Happening on the first Saturday of every month, you can book your tickets through the “Ghost915—Paso Del Norte” Facebook page. We highly recommend you wear closed toe shoes and comfortable clothing, just incase you need to run!

Next up, we have, “El Paso Ghost Tours.” These guys have been facilitating paranormal experiences since 2017. These uniquely crafted tours include lots of history regarding the many hot spots you visit throughout downtown. Sticking to their mission of “providing support and contrary evidence towards paranormal claims…” these guys provide you with some simple tools to enhance your own personal experience. From EMF readers to their custom-made spirit box, you can sure call upon the community of spirits hanging around the area for some proof of their existence. To book a tour with these guys, make sure to check out their website El Paso Ghost Tours, where you can find additional information on their tours and affiliated links for ghost hunting equipment.

See you at the cemetery!

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