Fun In The Sun City

Fun In The Sun City

The end of school is near for most of our school districts and students, teachers, and parents couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead for the summer. With tons of options to choose from, The Sun City can definitely show up for you and your family during this break with worthwhile experiences.

UTEP’s extensive and inclusive summer camp menu offers parents a plethora of activities and subjects to enroll pre-kindergarten children to teenagers in the fields of art, science, and fitness. With a 9-week summer camp program, you will be able to fill all the downtime available for you and your children with activities that will enrich, encourage, and open new interests. Registration fees are what make these options affordable for you or your kids to become part of this extensive summer camp menu. Camp fees start from $99 dollars for a 9-week summer program, all the way up to $175 dollars to participate in the well recognized STEM science summer program.

Summer water parks are always a highlight of our city. Whether you are looking to organize your summer birthday party or simply adopt a new routine, El Paso offers several options for you. First, we have to talk about Wet N’ Wild! Kids love a good water slide and with school coming to an end and tons of summer birthday celebrations, this water park couldn’t open at a more perfect time, May 27th. To book your tickets, you can access their website. Our city offers a plethora of indoor pool activities on almost every zip code known to El Paso. With swimming summer camps available for all ages, you can make your way to your next aquatic experience at any of the locations open in this link.

We wish for your upcoming break to be filled with inspiration, sunscreen, and a ton of new experiences!

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