UVAFM Stepping Stone to Vendors Success

UVAFM Stepping Stone to Vendors Success

Upper Valley Market Artist & Farmers Market (UVAFM) hosts more than 100 small businesses. Every Sunday, many people attend the market to support local vendors. Some vendors have grown so much that they have moved from the market to their own shops like The Dapper Doughnut, Lemon Beaters, Rollin Smoke BBQ, and HomeSweets. Some of them shared their experiences as a business that started at UVAFM.

Lemon Beaters-David Serrano

Lemon Beaters began as a side hustle on the weekends to make extra money.  They received a great response and attention from people by being part of the UVAFM which encouraged them to open their first location.  They enjoyed getting to know the vendors at UVAFM.  Every weekend was like a social/business event. Lemon Beaters now has 2 locations; 1120 McRae Blvd & 9008 Dyer St.

Rollin Smoke BBQ TX-Jesus Carrasco

Jesus shared that the UVAFM took his business to the next level.  He is very thankful to Beto Hernandez who coordinates the market every Sunday.  Beto helped Jesus’ business grow. He provided Jesus with many different ideas for advertising and marketing as he does with many other vendors at the market.  He assisted in the growth process to change things to become a bigger business. Jesus misses the market, vendors, and Beto.  You can taste their BBQ at 200 S. Main St., Anthony, TX.

HomeSweets-Andrea Almaraz

Being in the UVAFM helped Andrea’s business reach her goal of opening her own place by always meeting new and amazing customers who supported HomeSweets along the way.  Her customers motivated Andrea to keep going with their kind and amazing comments. Andrea expressed that what she loved most about being part of UVAFM was that they were all a family. The vendors would help each other out and they would be supportive of one another. Andrea also loved the people. Everyone was so kind and loving. She added that the environment at UVAFM is amazing as well as Beto. Visit HomeSweets at 7104 N. Mesa St.

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