El Paso Roller Skating and Skateboarding Spots

El Paso Roller Skating and Skateboarding Spots

Skating is trending again! Inline skating became very popular in the 1990s. Surprisingly, four wheel skating is making a comeback. Skateboarding has maintained its popularity since the 1970s. The sport was going to make its debut in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. If you are just joining in on this trend or you are dusting off your board, blades, or four wheels, here are the skating spots in El Paso. 

Roller Bomb

12320 Lorenzo Ruiz Ave.

El Paso, TX 79936

Roller Bomb is the only roller skating rink in El Paso. There is an admission fee. They have skate rentals. This is a great place to try out roller skates if you do not own any. 

Carolina Skatepark

563 N Carolina Dr.

El Paso, TX 79915

Carolina Skatepark is El Paso’s first concrete public skatepark opened in 2003 with a vast 23,143 square foot of skating space.

Northwest Regional

11490 Gateway N Blvd.

El Paso, TX 79934

Northwest Regional is a 25,000 square foot public skatepark. It was an 11.5 foot deep “wave”.

Mountain View Skatepark

8400 Diana Dr.

El Paso, TX 79904

Mountain View Skatepark is a 15,000 square foot public skatepark. It is in a well lit area if you skate after dark.

Westside Community

7400 High Ridge

El Paso, TX 79912

Westside Community is a 12,000 square foot El Paso City skatepark.

Dick Schinault Skatepark

11701 Rufus Brijalba

El Paso, TX 79936

Dick Schinault Skatepark has metal ramps known as skatewaves. It was the first skatepark in El Paso in 2003.

Marwood Skatepark

4325 River Bend Dr.

El Paso, TX 79922

Marwood Skatepark has modular metal ramps.

Veterans Skatepark

5301 Salem 

El Paso, TX 79924

Veterans Skatepark has metal skatewaves.

Tula Irrobali Skatepark

601 S. Park

El Paso TX 79901

Tula Irrobali Skatepark has modular metal ramps.

Pera Luna Skatepark

3300 Pera Ave.

El Paso, TX 79905

Pera Luna Skatepark has modular metal ramps.

Eastwood Skatepark

3100 Parkwood St.

El Paso, TX 79925

Eastwood Skatepark has metal skatewaves.

Ysleta Skatepark

9068 Socorro Rd

El Paso, TX 79907

Ysleta Skatepark has modular concrete ramps.


Information on El Paso City skateparks was derived from El Paso Skatepark Association.

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