El Paso Botanical Gardens

El Paso Botanical Gardens

El Paso is located in the Chihuahuan Desert. The desert is commonly seen as a landscape with scarce vegetation. However, the desert is in actuality very rich in flora or plants. Here are some botanical gardens that feature some vibrant ecosystems.

El Paso Desert Botanical Garden

4200 Doniphan Dr. El Paso, TX 79912

El Paso Desert Botanical Garden is a 52-acre botanical garden. It is on the grounds of an ancient village with yuccas, creosote bush, prickly pear, lechuguilla, honey mesquite, and so many more desert vegetation. These plants develop a unique way to survive in the unique desert temperatures.

El Paso Municipal Rose Garden

3418 Aurora Ave. El Paso, TX 79930

El Paso Municipal Rose Garden is a vast 4-acre garden that flourishes 1,500 rose bushes.  There are more than 430 types of roses. Each year new roses are planted and their adaptability to El Paso’s climate is evaluated.

Chihuahuan Desert Gardens

500 W University Ave. El Paso, TX 79968

Chihuahuan Desert Gardens is dedicated to the vegetation in Chihuahuan Desert and nearby regions. It contains more than 800 plant species. The desert flora at this garden includes the Blue Flax, Mexican Oregano, Angelita Daisy, Golden Columbine, Moonshine Yarrow, and other desert beauties.

Photo credit: Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens

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