Edible Blooms

Edible Blooms

Summer invites us to some of the most memorable life experiences we can have, from these being sensory, audible, smelly, and even edible.

In this week’s blog, we explore the edible experiences this season has for us. We will explore the wonders, smells, and flavors of what summer has for us through these season’s favorite fruits. To kick off this sweet and refreshing randevouz we find our perfect watermelon! How do you know you have picked the perfect one? The perfect ones tend to feel heavy for their size and should not emit any odor. These watery fruits provide us with 92% of water hydration with one simple bite. Want to make this even more interesting? Watermelons help us improve our heart health, and boy do we need a strong heart for these summer dates (LOL)!

Berries of all kinds not only smell good in lotions, soaps, and candles, but also as you walk past by them at the grocery store. Today we are focusing on one of our favorite, STRAWBERRIES. Yes, these delicious and fragrant fruits are a hot item this season. You have chosen the sweetest of them all when their red Lucious color is vibrant, free from any white areas around the stems. These make a great modern day adult lemonade (wink) and strawberry tea for a hot afternoon.

Next up we have the fruit that well in my opinion makes the best aqua Fresca here on the border… Cantaloupes or better said Melones. When picking the unicorn of cantaloupes, you want to watch out for their weight vs. how they actually look. Like watermelons, this sweet and creamy fruit should not have any type of odor when being selected. Mix it in with some honey and oats, BAM! Breakfast is served (for those of you taking care of your health). Chop it up, put in a blender, throw in some carnation milk, water, and a little sugar… Ladies and gents, we got ourselves a refreshing aqua de melon.

We mustn't’ forget about our beloved Cucumber lifesaver. With the coolest (literally) fruit in the fruit and veggie chain, these cuties are as much as 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Chop these up and mix them with your favorite powdered chili, squeeze some lime juice, and sprinkle a little salt, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer day snack.

What do these foods have in common in our market? Glad you asked! Our beloved and necessary food vendors are a big part of what makes our market successful. These vendors that incorporate such an important part of our local agriculture, are the ones providing us with the best sensory experience during the summer, and that is taste. Experiencing the flavors our food vendors create with these cool & sweet fruits not to mention a ton of other foods, we dive in to their meaning of a tasteful experience during this season.

Coming up next week, we will explore the many ways we can continue to keep cool and active during the last month of our summer break.

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