Celebrating 25k Followers

Celebrating 25k Followers

We are incredibly humbled by the support we continuously receive for our market! Today we celebrate a big milestone in our market journey with 25k followers on Instagram (yes, we are crying lol). It’s been quite the journey from the last time we celebrated a big milestone and without you, we wouldn’t be here.

Our market has seen and experienced El Paso to its fullest over the past 5 years. We started out small and as we entered a time when big box stores, chain stores, and big dog businesses closed during the pandemic, our market experienced an unprecedented boom. Our community came together with each of their talents and passions to offer us delicately crafted and innovative products to the rest of us. Who knew an alarming 2-year journey in the pandemic of our lifetime would bring about the biggest small business growth not only to our country as a whole but to our beautiful Sun City? To wonder each Sunday into our market is to experience the inspired action our vendors take as artists who without holding back indulge us with the aromas, textures, flavors, and scenery of their products.

As we welcome in each market new vendors, we also extend our gratitude to our loyal vendors who have committed their works of art to the overall success of us and theirs. To all of our vendors who have become part of the growth and recognition of our market and to our incredible supporting audience, 25k followers is for you!

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