Artists at the Market

Artists at the Market

El Paso has talented artists. Every Sunday, you can enjoy local artists' creations at the Upper Valley Market Artist and Farmers Market.


Vandy Doodle

Hyejung Van Dyke goes by Vandy Doodle. Most of her art highlights El Paso and the Hispanic culture. Vandy Doodle primarily does realistic paintings in acrylic paint. She has been drawing and painting since she was very young. A couple friends noticed her paintings and commissioned her a couple of years ago, which is how she started painting professionally. People appreciate her effort to capture the beauty of El Paso. Vandy Doodle’s inspirations are everyday life and mundane moments that draw little attention, which she depicts as unnoticeable, but undeniably human. These uniquely human elements are seen in ordinary people’s laughter, tears, sweat, relief, disillusion, heartbreaks and hope, making life beautiful, but become forgotten. Vandy Doodle wants to capture and paint them so people can remember that we live. 

Healing Ways Artistry

Al Woody is the artist behind Healing Ways Artistry. He paints Native American art portraits. Al paints in all mediums but ink and acrylic are the easiest that he uses. He also creates jewelry and does sculpting. Al engages in anything to do with art. He has been an artist since the age of 4. People like his Native American cultural art. Every one of his paintings are one of a kind. Al is inspired by nature and the environment.  He is a spiritual artist. Al depends upon his Creator for all gifts and most of all the universe. His inspiration is also his Native American heritage which is Diné (Navajo) tribe from Lukachukai, AZ and the four corners area (Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico) where he and his family are from. 

Lesley Rogero

Lesley Rogero likes to draw anything that inspires her, brings her joy, and things that will most likely bring others joy. She tries to always expand what she does and not stick to one media or style. Lesley has been drawing ever since she can remember. What made her push forward into an artist career was her mother and art teachers that would encourage her not to give up and to do what she loves. They gave her the push she needed to start. People like the details and work that Lesley puts into every piece. She tries to be as flexible as possible with her clients. Lesley makes pieces that are affordable so that everyone has a chance to appreciate the art. Her inspiration is that she has being able to draw the things she enjoys and that make her happy, not just for herself, but for the enjoyment others will have from her creations.

Impression by Lile 

Martha Irene Martinez’s artwork is mixed media. She preserves all parts of flowers and uses recycled materials in her pieces. Martha has been an artist all her life. She began her artistic business on May 30, 2020. People like how she arranges the flowers in unexpected forms. People also share that Martha has a lot of passion and patience. Her inspiration is her origin. Martha was raised in a place with many pine trees, which inspires her artwork. Martha enjoys the interactions with her customers of different ages at the market. She describes it as therapeutic.


Gabriela Rivera is an illustrator, graphic designer, and painter. She explores different mediums when it comes to creation. Gabriela incorporates the things that she loves and appreciates into her artwork. She creates pieces with love and is appreciative if they resonate with others.

Cover photo credit: Vandy Doodle

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