90's Comeback at the Market

90's Comeback at the Market

In case you haven’t noticed, 90’s fashion is back! And of course, you can find some of these trends at the Upper Valley Market.


Scrunchies are a beautiful way to instantaneously glam up your hair rather than wrapping it up in a simple elastic tie. They are also trending as accessories to wear around the wrist. Honeybun Scrunchies and Sunflower Crafts have a variety of scrunchies in different colors, sizes, and fabrics. The cream faux leather scrunchie featured on the cover photo of this blog is from Honeybun Scrunchies. Sunflower Crafts has scrunches with matching face masks. It is time to accessorize with scrunchies!


One of the most memorable hair accessories from the iconic movie Clueless are headbands. “Ugh, as if!” Headbands are on-trend and Honeybun Scrunchies has them in satin, metallic leather, velvet, and faux fur. 

Hair Scarves

Hair scarves are another hair accessory that is making a comeback. They can be worn in a variety of ways. Honeybun Scrunchies has hair scarves that can be wrapped around a ponytail. It is such a fun trend and easy to style.

Tie Dye Shirts

Tie dye shirts are generally dyed by hand, producing a colorful pattern. The patterns automatically take you back in time. Alondra Shop Co. designs unique tie dye shirts.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are small bags that are attached to a belt which are also known as bum bags.  They are definitely trending and are so practical. Faabs Style Boutique has a unique fanny pack in colorful Mexican embroidery of flowers.

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