5 El Paso Picnic Spots

5 El Paso Picnic Spots

Whether you are planning a romantic date or quality family time, a picnic can be a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. Many restaurants in El Paso are offering take-out, which makes it easier to plan a picnic. El Paso’s parks offer beautiful open areas with lovely vegetation, waterfront spaces, city views, and mountain views to set a charming mood. Pack a blanket, food, water, and explore one of these five El Paso picnic spots.

1. Ascarate Park

6900 Delta Dr. El Paso, TX 79905

Ascarate Park has a beautiful lake. Entry fee per car is free during the weekdays and $2 on the weekends. There is a gravel path around the lake that is 1.4 miles long. A waterfront and Franklin Mountains view makes an ideal picnic.

 2. San Jacinto Plaza

114 W Mills Ave. El Paso, TX 79901

San Jacinto Plaza is located at the heart of Downtown El Paso. The plaza has green areas, paved paths, bridges, ping-pong tables, chess tables, and washoes. Enjoy a picnic surrounded by historic buildings and tree lights at dusk.

3. Memorial Park

1701 N Copia St. El Paso, TX 79930

Memorial Park provides an open grass space. It is a serene park with mild hills. The park is located in the historic Manhattan Heights community. It is a great park to host a picnic.

4. Tom Lea Upper Park

900 Rim Rd. El Paso, TX 79902

Tom Lea Upper Park is known for its magnificent mountain and city views. This is a spectacular park to have a picnic with a view.

5. Album Park

3110 Parkwood St. El Paso, TX 79925

Album Park’s sweeping green open areas are remarkable. The large trees provide a wide range of shade to enjoy a picnic in the outdoors.

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