5 El Paso Must-Do Hiking Trails

5 El Paso Must-Do Hiking Trails

El Paso is nicknamed ‘Sun City’ because it averages about 200 days a year of sunshine. It is no wonder why many people opt to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking. Franklin Mountains State Park has many beautiful trails for all levels. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, here is a list of the Must-Do trails in the Sun City. 

El Paso Tin Mines Trail

El Paso Tin Mines is a 6.6 mile round trip easy trail. It leads you to what once was the only operating tin mines in America. There are cacti and other desert vegetation along the way with great views of the Franklin Mountains and the valley.

Mundy’s Gap Trail

Mundy’s Gap is a 3.9 mile round trip hard trail. It crosses through a dip in the Franklin Mountains. It is a scenic trail with a beautiful overlook.

Aztec Cave Trail

Aztec Cave Trail is a 1.2 mile round trip moderate trail. At the end of the trail, you are welcomed by the Aztec Cave. Artifacts found in the cave in the 1900s are linked to the Aztecs which gave it its name.

West Cottonwood Springs Trail

West Cottonwood Spring Trail is a 3.1 mile round trip moderate trail. This trail features wild flowers. It is a good option for a nature hike. 

Lazy Cow Trail

Lazy Cow Trail is a 6.8 mile round trip easy trail. It is another trail that features wild flowers and cacti with views of the Franklin Mountains.

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