4 El Paso Most Scenic Bike Routes

4 El Paso Most Scenic Bike Routes

El Paso’s unique geographic features make it a beautiful city to appreciate the outdoors. Here are listed the most scenic bike routes to enjoy the beauty of El Paso’s desert, mountains, river, and city views.

1) McKelligon Canyon Road

McKelligon Canyon Road is about 4.8 miles long featuring Chihuahuan Desert wild life. It is an easy trail for all skill levels. The bike road is accessible throughout the year. Location is 1331 McKelligon Canyon Rd.

2) River Park Trail

The River Park Trail is a path that runs parallel to the Rio Grande from Anthony, TX to Country Club Rd. The trail features wild vegetation and views of the Franklin Mountains. It is a 10.5-mile long trail. It can be accessed from Family Dollar Parking Lot-8000 Doniphan Dr. and 900 Country Club Road.

3) Pat O’Rourke Memorial Hike & Bike Trail

The Pat O’Rourke Trail is a 4.4 mile paved path that offers scenic views of El Paso. There are several road crossings along this trail so cyclists should use it with caution. It can be accessed from a paved parking lot on North Resler Dr. at the south end of the trail.

4) Transmountain Highway

Transmountain Highway is a 10.6-mile trail located in the Franklin Mountains. It is a scenic mountain path with moderate motorized traffic. Currently, the bike road is closed due to construction, which is expected to conclude in Fall 2021.

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